How to choose your chastity cage effectively ?

The chastity cage is an increasingly popular accessory in erotic play, providing a means of control and pleasure for consenting partners. However, choosing the right chastity cage can be a complex decision, requiring careful attention to factors such as size, material, comfort and budget. Discover in this presentation the essential tips to help you select the chastity cage that best suits your needs and preferences.Consider size and lengthWhen choosing a chastity cage, size and length are essential aspects to consider. Opting for a cage that is too small or too large can cause discomfort or even pain. You can still choose from these Safety Locks. To ensure an optimal experience, it is recommended to select a cage that matches the size of your penis at rest.To measure the right size for your penis for a chastity cage, simply measure the length of your penis at rest, from base to tip. This measurement will provide you with an accurate indication of the size of cage to choose. Depending o... See more

Sex toys better than fleshlight

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about male sex toys is a hands-free masturbator or blowjob stimulator. Several brands offer this type of accessory, but some are better than the one from Fleshlight. The aim of this content is to tell you about sex toys that are better than the fleshlight. Autoblow AI This is an artificial intelligence that uses special sensors and an on-board mini-computer. It selects the speed and technique best suited to the gripper's movements. Leading Intimate Toy for Men is known the world over. The body of the Autoblow AI sex toy is made of highly durable plastic. As for the inserted sleeve, it's made of high-quality silicone, so it won't itch. Autoblow AI contains no phthalates or other hazardous components. The sleeve's contact with your penis complies with health standards. Inside the toy is a powerful motor that drives the sleeve and handle. Compared to the Autoblow 2, this motor is twice as powerful. In fact, the Autoblow AI is an improved ver... See more

What are the benefits of doing a sexcam with an online camgirl ?

Online sexcams with camgirls have become extremely popular in recent years, as they offer a more immersive and personalized sexual experience than traditional porn videos. People are now looking to interact with real people live rather than just watching pre-recorded videos. In this article, you will discover the advantages of having an online sexcam with a camgirl. The flexibility of the online sexcam The online sexcam offers unparalleled flexibility. You can easily chat with camgirls anytime of the day, wherever you are. For more information, visit Mypornomotion. You no longer have to worry about leaving your home or looking for a sexual partner. Plus, you can find camgirls for every taste with a huge variety to choose from. You can find a camgirl that exactly matches your preferences. This allows you to enjoy the sexual experience you are looking for in comfort and safety. Anonymity and confidentiality The online sexcam gives you complete anonymity. You can log in under a pseudonym... See more

What lingerie to wear to excite your partner?

Men are generally excited by what they see. This is one of the reasons why men love and adore to see women in lingerie. But as a woman, what lingerie should she wear to turn her man on?  The bra and panty set This is the basis of women's lingerie. It's a simple and very basic combination but it's more than enough to get any man hard. This kind of underwear is very trendy. And for a few years, the major brands of women's lingerie offer sets of bras and panties hyper sexy. These sets come in several colors and sizes.  However, in order to increase the chances of making the man's excitement rise quickly, it is recommended to opt for a plain set preferably in red or black. These colors are ideal to make the heart of your man capsize. As for the material, it is preferable to opt for silk or satin underwear. These materials are pleasant to the touch and this promotes the increase of sexual desire in men.  The three-piece set  This is the perfect combination to make your partner fall in love.... See more

What are the tips to succeed in anilingus

Unlike cunnilingus, anilingus is a sexual practice that is still taboo. It consists in stimulating the anus of a woman or a man with his tongue. What are the techniques to succeed in an anilingus while giving pleasure?  Choosing where to place your mouth  To give pleasure to your partner, you must necessarily play with your tongue. In fact, anilingus can be done in two ways: either by caressing the external part of the anus by licking or kissing it, or by inserting the tongue into the anus while making back and forth movements like a penetration. You and your partner have the freedom to choose the type of anilingus you want. You can also perform both movements for a double pleasure. Note that the consent of your partner is important.  Playing with the mouth  Changing the way you use your tongue during anilingus, cunnilingus or fellatio can greatly increase sexual pleasure. Note that the tongue is an organ composed of seventeen muscles, so do not hesitate to put it to the test during th... See more

The risks of performing oral sex

Fellatio is a sexual practice that gives a lot of pleasure to the person who receives it. It involves the introduction of the male genital organ into the mouth of his partner. What are its risks and what measures can be taken to avoid them?  Sexually transmitted diseases during fellatio  During oral sex, there is contact between the secretions of both partners. It is during this contact that viruses are transmitted. Oral sex is a sexual practice that is not without risk. HIV-positive people with AIDS, for example, cannot receive oral sex. Contact with semen or seminal fluid can lead to contamination. On the other hand, when an HIV-positive person performs oral sex, there is no risk of contamination.  Cases of HIV contamination are very rare, however, the risks are higher when the partner has lesions or wounds in the mouth or is subject to oral ulcers. In addition to HIV, oral sex can result in other sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis and hepatitis B. HPV... See more

How to perform fellatio?

Fellatio is a very common sexual practice. It consists in introducing the erect sex of his partner in the mouth and to simulate a sexual intercourse through movements of back and forth. The realization of this act requires some particular tricks. How to do it? What is fellatio? Fellatio is a sexual act that is performed on a man. It requires that the penis is erect. To perform fellatio, the partner must grasp the erect penis of her partner and insert it into the mouth. In addition to the back-and-forth movements, she can also use her tongue and lips to better stimulate the glans and give more sensations to her partner.  Also, it is possible to give more sensations to his partner by masturbating the whole penis or by caressing his testicles. All these methods can help the man to easily reach orgasm. In addition, fellatio is an act that can be performed at any time during sex. Before and after sex, oral sex allows for a variety of sensations. At the end of the sexual intercourse, fellati... See more

How to make a plump woman come?

Sexuality is not experienced in the same way by everyone. With curvy women, for example, you have to know how to do it if you hope to make them climb the curtain. What are the three tips to prioritize to make a round woman come? Listen to her needs Communication plays a fundamental role during the sexual act. Like all other women, curvy women have certain needs that must be met. You have to let her live the moment and get off and listen to what she wants. Providing her with sexual pleasure is all about listening to her and valuing her. During sex, male partners tend to impose certain sexual positions. This can block the desires of a curvy woman who does not have a lot of confidence in herself. When she says no to a sexual practice, you should not insist so as not to kill the mood. Innovate during sex Because of common stereotypes, some men are reluctant to proposition curvy women during sex. These propositions can sometimes spice up the moment and allow the woman to let loose and get o... See more


How to choose your chastity cage effectively ?

The chastity cage is an increasingly popular accessory in erotic play, providing a means of control and pleasure for consenting partners. However, choosing the right chastity cage can be a complex decision, requiring careful attention to factors such as size, material, comfort and budget. Discover i...