Sex toys better than fleshlight

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about male sex toys is a hands-free masturbator or blowjob stimulator. Several brands offer this type of accessory, but some are better than the one from Fleshlight. The aim of this content is to tell you about sex toys that are better than the fleshlight.

Autoblow AI

This is an artificial intelligence that uses special sensors and an on-board mini-computer. It selects the speed and technique best suited to the gripper's movements. Leading Intimate Toy for Men is known the world over. The body of the Autoblow AI sex toy is made of highly durable plastic. As for the inserted sleeve, it's made of high-quality silicone, so it won't itch. Autoblow AI contains no phthalates or other hazardous components. The sleeve's contact with your penis complies with health standards. Inside the toy is a powerful motor that drives the sleeve and handle. Compared to the Autoblow 2, this motor is twice as powerful. In fact, the Autoblow AI is an improved version of the Autoblow 2, in response to user dissatisfaction with its excessive noise. As was the case with several similar models, here you don't need to have an impressive amount of batteries to use this device. Simply connect the masturbator to any wall socket for incredible satisfaction. On the other hand, it's very problematic to use it outdoors, because the masturbator only works on mains power. Even though the Autoblow AI is quieter than the previous version, it still works a little too hard, especially at maximum speed.

The f1s red

Still called the Lelo F1, this masturbator has a sturdy base made from safe, high-quality materials. The inner surface of the device's sleeve is made of silky-smooth silicone. Indeed, Lelo is one of the best-known brands in the field of sex toys. This popularity can easily be explained by the fact that the quality of their products is far better than that of the majority of their competitors. The manufacturers of this masturbator have succeeded in combining the latest developments in modern electronics with an interface that is both simple and intuitive. This technology allows you to experience an unusual sensation while using the F1s Red. Two functions are combined in a single toy: sensors and two powerful motors. This has resulted in enhanced penis stimulation. There's a specially designed app for full sensation that you can connect to. With a little experience in IOS or Android development, you can experiment with the Lelo SDK settings. The aim is to further enhance sensations during masturbation. Battery life is two hours.

The onyx 2

You can connect this masturbator to VR glasses, a webcam or a porn site to make use as realistic as possible. It's also an improved version of the previous Onyx model from Dutch brand Kiiroo. The Onyx 2 can be used in tandem with another product from the same brand. For example, you can combine it with the Pearl 2 device, which is quite practical for couples who are far from each other. As for the design, the body of the toy is made from durable plastic and the interior is made from Real Feel Super Skin. In addition to the masturbator in the kit, there's a manual, lubricant sample and USB cable.

Here are the sex toys that are better than the fleshlight.

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